The Now

What makes THE NOW different than other cover bands? Identity. Where most bands play songs that “go over”, The Now sticks to who they are by playing songs that fit them as a band. No more playing songs for playing sake, but rather a band that selectively chooses songs and music they truly believe in. A band that has an identity of who they are rather than trying to be everything to everyone. No soft, tempered performances here- just a powerful, and energetic display of what they love to do.

After 7 short years on the scene, The Now has gained the reputation of a fine tuned, powerful live act. With the recent addition of Joey Gleesing formerly of The Rockerfeller and First Kiss on lead vocals, The Now has expanded their play list to remain competitive and on the cutting edge of what a cover band can be. Identity, honesty, passion, and just a few surprises to keep you interested. The Now – change is good.

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