The Rascal Theory

The Rascal Theory (Madison,WI) are a powerhouse band on a mission to make you move!! Crafting a unique fusion of Funk, Blues, and Rock n Roll, the current lineup consists of founder/frontman Roscoe Foster (vocals, keys), Pat Doyle (vocals,guitars), Jason Bussan (bass), Marty Adams (guitar), and Linwood “Woody” Riley (drums). The debut release “New Frequency” created a fiery buzz on the indie music scene worldwide in 2010 and garnered them top 3 honors in the Isthmus top 10 of 2010 list. Now, the soon to be released follow up: “LIFE” is set to take things to a another level. If you’ve never made it to a live show, you are officially invited to join the Rascal Party and “Rock That TRT!” because making you jam til you can’t jam no more is what we love to do!