Stone Kings

Established in 2009, frontman/guitarist Jamie Sertzel formed the Stone Kings to perform and adapt to any size venue. After years of national touring and song writing,
this band was formed to concentrate on the classics that we’ve all grown up with and love.

The backbone of the band is bass player and keyboardist Ian Gockel (right). Bringing not only his talents for playing but his technical savvy to tackle any level of production in today’s

The beats and tempo are performed by Jonathan Brown (left). Slinging beats in a laid back style with a high energy outcome reminding us of Mitch Mitchell of the 60’s.

Fronted by Jamie Sertzel (center), the band adapts to every type of genre; from singing Roger Daltrey to Stevie Wonder, his voice hits an expansive range all the while playing the
rhythms and leads to all of these classics.