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It’s always cool at Badger Bowl!

Summer’s here and it seems that when Wisconsin finally decides it’s time for summer, it tries to make up for the freezer-like temperatures it put us through the last several months by cranking the heat all the way up. While the warmth is always welcome, sometimes a little cooling off is needed. So take comfort… Read more »

Super’s Bowl is Back!

Radio personality Super Dave Ogden, from Today’s Q106 knows firsthand the everyday battles that people with diabetes face. He was diagnosed with type-1 diabetes in 2003. Since that time Super Dave has been a strong leader in the fight against diabetes. Enter the second annual “Super’s Bowl”. This incredible event is all about helping those with… Read more »

Free Learn to Bowl Clinic

Bowling 2.0

Free Learn to Bowl Clinic for those who are 18 years of age and younger Thursday nights at 5:30 PM at Badger Bowl! Each session will last 90 minutes. A 30 minute instructional session followed by 60 minutes of on lane practice with coaches. Only 4 weeks long! The first night is July 18th. To… Read more »